Foreclosure Property Dallas Texas

Foreclosure Property Dallas Texas

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I am a realtor, licensed in Texas.

Do you interest in buying foreclosure property around Dallas?

This is quick turn around investment.
Basically, initially you have to pay upfront to purchase the property, then, re-sell it to the market.
later on, I will help you to find good deal lender (investor friendly, I have a lender so far can do 6.99%) to back you up for your purchase. 
You can bring your relative/friend in to remodel the property to a retail condition. Or, I will help you out.
Or, you can refinance it and rent to hold.
I will find property to have equity in the 20% -- 45%(after all expenses), depend on the property debt.
Would you be interest it?
Please email me. or Call.
Tyson  Chan
Glazers Realty

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