Secure, Hands-Free, Hassle-Free Investing

Secure, Hands-Free, Hassle-Free Investing

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Client-First Rent-To-Own Program, Looking For Investors To Buy Houses For Our Tenant/Buyers.

We set up the whole deal!

We do all the work!

All you have to do is sign the paper work to own the property and then earn money!

Here’s how it works.

    ·         Our approved client chooses the home they want within their price range.

    ·         Our investor gets a mortgage and buys the house.

    ·         We lease-option from investor and then lease-option to our tenant/buyer.                                                

    ·         We cover investor’s hard costs (mortgage payment, taxes, insurance) and look after all maintenance.

    ·         Funds are tied up for only a Two or Three Year Term.          

·         You get a Great Return On Cash Investment paid at end of term when client closes on house.

·         You have a Solid, Secure Investment because You OWN the property.

·         We help client repair or establish credit, qualify for mortgage and buy their own home.

You and I get to help deserving families get into the house they choose,

even when the bank says, “NO!”

We are ethical people and want to work in such a way that everyone wins. If you’re that kind of person too, let’s work together!

For more info, contact Norm.

Email: or

Phone: 403-771-4638


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