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Rock Star Inner Circle


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Tom and Nick Karadza
(905) 338-6964
August 2008
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165 Cross Avenue, Suite 6
Oakville, ON
L6J 0A9
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The Rock Star Inner Circle was founded to bridge the gap between real estate theory and the implementation that provides real life results. Not only does the group provide constant education and information through members-only newsletters, interviews, classes, and events, but the team works one-on-one with investors to help them implement the strategies to reach their goals. Its mission is to help people use real estate to live their “Rock Star Lives,” whether it is travelling the world or spending time at the cottage. Either way, it is living on your terms.

Where: Based in Oakville, ON with events in the Greater Toronto Area
Who is it for: Investors looking to use real estate to live life on their terms
Content/Focus: A list of classes and events focused on providing current day, on the streets information and strategies with personalized coaching to implement them.
Networking time: Multiple times a month during different member classes, and three times a year at “Your Life. Your Terms.” events.
Run by: Tom and Nick Karadza (two brothers outrageous enough to name their company “Rock Star”)

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