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Event Main Points

  • members have access to over 100 educational workshops
  • learn about investing and expand horizons
  • can ask mentors and successful investors any questions related to real estate investing
  • videos and presentations are archived for future reference
  • networking opportunity in the live events
  • can access live broadcasts; there are no location limitations







See what is happening on regular basis on our portal. Canada REIC is run by investors for Investors, and we are building community of like minded investors.

  • networking
  • can ask and share everything related to investing
  • discuss, help, or be guided in discussions
  • expand network, make friends, and have new opportunities
  • find new members of the power team
  • upload videos and pictures to market your services



  • Canada REIC helps you expand your network by allowing you to meet like minded people
  • Get to know both fellow investors and mentors in one of the club's many activities
  • Learn from industry experts and share what you know
  • Better networks means a more successful real estate business, and Canada REIC is a great platform to get acquainted with a diverse group of peopl
  • Even if you're completely new to real estate, the organization will help you get a good head start. It will provide networking leads that will help you launch your business, or start your investment.








Organizing your own events ? Post them here.
Whether they are social, educational, or sales presentations, we want to take a look at them.

  • Allow others to see what you are doing. You can share your activities, what properties you acquired, the deals you made, and so on
  • Share your thoughts by writing your own blogs and posting them on your profile.
  • Expand your network and become an active investor
  • Build your reputation







Broadcast TV

All presentations since the beginning of Canada REIC are recorded and archived for future reference. Watch, learn, and educate yourself with hundreds of hours of educational content and learn about investing.










Investment Leads and Properties

  • have access to investor friendly and not MLS like properties
  • ask for help with closing deals
  • find good JV deals
  • know what you need to sell, buy properties, and find JV partners
  • get help from other investors to sell projects






Social Broadcast

We know how much time you can spend going from Facebook to LinkedIn to Twitter, just to market yourself.

We combined all that together and whatever you will do on our portal – whether to post property, write a blog, or even just read an article – that activity will be distributed among social networks, saving you valuable time. Just being active on Canada REIC will do all social marketing for you.






Virtual Assistant Services

CanadaREIC aims to empower its growing list of members by providing the option of having their own Virtual Assistants to take most off, if not all, administrative tasks. This enables the members to be more productive, creating more revenue.

We have access to qualified virtual assistants who can help you with the following:

We can provide a Virtual Assistant tailor fit to your business.

Benefits of Having Your Own Virtual Assistant

Someone will do all your administrative Tasks. You need not worry of your back office tasks or even core office functions. These Virtual Assistants are screened tested and have the necessary qualifications to handle you daily office tasks.

It saves you money and time. Hiring a Virtual Assistant reduces your need for office space, additional equipments, and other overhead costs. Helps you save more even as your company grows.

Someone can take your calls. A VA can act as your Virtual Receptionist so you won’t have to miss any customer calls and very important client calls or messages.

You have more time to grow your business. Instead of doing all the paperwork, you can attend an important business meeting without worrying of your workload in the office. Come back and all tasks are done!

It saves you from everyday boring tasks. Posting ads in the classified ads, typing, data entry, and research… Hire a VA and you won’t have to do any of these!

•    article submission
•    bill paying
•    social networking
•    bookkeeping
•    calendar management
•    coordinate customer mailings
•    create reports and presentations
•    database entry and maintenance
•    keep track, manage, sort your emails, and write letters
•    invoice management
•    schedule meetings, set up your appointments and manage your daily schedule
•    post ads
•    marketing
•    research
•    respond to customer emails/phone calls
•    schedule appointments or interviews
•    special project assistance
•    specialized industry service (e.g. medical transcription, real estate VAs)
•    spreadsheet creation
•    web design, creation, and maintenance
•    travel arrangements
•    typing /file conversion
•    venue booking
•    word processing
•    and much more




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