• Emma Terblanche

    Currently SeekingPrivate money lenders, meeting new people in the real estate investing
    My Investing goalsTo flip as many properties as I...

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  • Colleen Bryson

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  • Shelley Hagen

    Currently SeekingI am currently seeking investment opportunities of all kinds. Please bring me your deals for me to review. If I am not...

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  • Tracy Hryhoruk

    Currently SeekingSerious clients that are interested in investing and making a good return!
    Investors seeking foreclosure properties.

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  • Kasia Lancucka

    Currently SeekingI’m looking for clients that want to save money on a commission and want to receive cash back from us. Contact me for...

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  • Barb Trautman

    Currently SeekingGood realestate investors who are willing to teach creative ways of doing realestate deals, mentors that love what they...

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  • Erin Evans

    Currently SeekingInternational Investors looking to expand their portfolio into the US (Oahu specifically).
    My Investing goalsTo expand...

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  • Trish Brown

    Currently Seekingnew ways to be of service

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  • Linda Mullen

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  • Betty Harbus

    Currently SeekingNetworking

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