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9 tips to success in real estate marketing
Jarek Bucholc ||Street Smart RE Investing

9 tips to success in real estate marketing

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Being a real estate investor for a year now and positioning my first poorly built website to be number one on the first page of Google and all other search engines on all my major keywords with some closed deals and listings to show for it. I looked back and analyzed how I was able to achieve those fits within a year and this is what I came up with.

I hope it will be of help most especially for those upcoming investor and would be investors

1. Choose your target market or niche and come up with a plan to capture it

2. Define how you are going to reach out and conquer your niche or market

You can only conquer your market through the use of the following methods or use of both

i) Traditional marketing: I can only recommend this method to somebody who is an extrovert and has a lot of friends and colleagues

ii) Internet marketing: This type of marketing real estate is good for investors like me who are introvert, ( not anymore) shy and has few friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. This form of marketing real estate has offered me the opportunities to reach a wide range of audience without knocking door to door, shearing tracks or business card, moving from office to office or joining any local or business clubs.

3. Give yourself a minimum of a year and a maximum of two years to fully master and capture your market. This will prevent any discouragement or depression that may arise as a result of not making any headway along the way

4. Try to know your clients' needs and look for a way to satisfy them

5. Don't put all your energies chasing anybody that shows interest in buying. Try to qualify them and put most of your energies and resources on qualified leads so that you don't exhort yourselves.

6. Study your competitors and investors in other markets. Try to find out what they do, how they do it and what works for them. You will get a lot of insight from that you can use to improve your business.

7. Join a Real Estate Investing Community  Discussions and ask questions on any subject you don't understand. Also, search through the forum and you will find a lot of posts that will be very useful to you.


8. Finally, remember that nothing comes easy without hard work. If you want to beat those that were there before you, you must work harder than they do. You must work twice or more than your competitors to make any progress.


9 tips to success in real estate marketing


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