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Duane Walker

Proven Strategies for Finding Real Estate Buyers & Investors

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1. Landlords on rentfaster.ca , Craiglist or Kijiji - Check out these websites under the “houses/apt for rent” sections, and you’ll find a huge list of property owners, along with their phone numbers and property addresses! Not all these owners will be cash buyers, but most investors with enough knowledge to buy multiple properties could probably do a cash deal or refer to others within their network.

2. Real estate clubs - Attend functions and seminars in your area run by local investment clubs. Network and converse with everyone and ask what their specialty is while letting them know what you do. You’ll make great business relationships and most importantly add to your list of buyers.

3. Real estate agents - These professionals have unique tools and experience that is valuable. They also have an existing network of buyers and sellers. Create relationships with a number of key agents and they will be a steady source of investment properties and buyers.

4. Online lead capture - Once you have a website set up a lead capture form that allows potential cash buyers to submit their name and contact information if they’d like to be added to your buyers list. You can drive traffic to your webpage through social media, online or traditional advertising, QR codes & business cards, or good old Kijiji.

5. Public record - The most comprehensive source of cash buyers, your local public record’s office has information about every sale in your area. Although every region is different in the way this information can be accessed, you can begin by doing a Google search of your local area’s assessor’s page or records office. When a house is purchased with financing, two primary documents are recorded with the municipality: the deed (which shows the change in ownership) and the lien from the loan. On a cash sale, there will be no lien from the loan. Another good way to search the public record is through a local title company. They can provide you (with or without a fee) a list of properties that have sold without a mortgage lien.

6. Kijiji ads - Creating ads on Kijiji for future wholesale deals is free, easy and should get people calling. A simple subject line that states “Wholesale real estate deals at 60% ARV” and a short ad explaining that you wholesale deals with your criteria should get people’s interest and connect you with some serious buyers & investors.

7. Courthouse steps/auctions - When a person buys through an auction, they must have all cash or quick access to it. Therefore, anyone bidding on a property is a cash buyer. Get to these auctions early and strike up some conversations, hand out business cards, and create some long-lasting business relationships.

8. Lenders & Mortgage brokers - Hard money lenders and mortgage brokers can be a terrific source of referrals for cash buyers because a cash buyer doesn’t necessarily need to have all the cash in the bank and could use hard money or additional financing to close with all cash. Connecting you with their clients is in these people’s best interest, because you, in turn, will provide them with additional business. Everyone comes out a winner.

9. Bandit Signs - Sometimes called "bandit signs," you've seen them stuck in the ground in yards or at street corners, and saying "I buy houses." Well, "No money down homes" will work just as well. Any variation of a very short statement that says you have homes for sale is a sign that can work for you.

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