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Thornhill Wealth Forum

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Thornhill Wealth Forum


Contact Name
Azhar Laher
(416) 820-9315
Last Saturday of each month, 1:30pm to 4:00pm
Membership fees
Admission: $10.00
Bayview Golf & Country Club, Thornhill, Ontario
No. Members

The objective of the Thornhill Wealth Forum is to assemble like-minded people interested in wealth creation, to share, learn and prosper through knowledge sharing and networking. 
Our philosophy is that if you want more wealth, be supportive of the wealth of others. You don't have to give away your money. You don't have to work for free. Just find ways to support others. Share information on self-promotion or help a struggling entrepreneur…even share it with your competition.

The Thornhill Wealth Forum provides an educational and networking setting for real estate investors and entrepreneurs to leverage their time and efforts through monthly networking and knowledge sharing sessions. Topics will include real estate strategies, starting your own business and joint venture partnerships, to mention a few.