Real Estate Mentorship Coaching Program

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Real Estate Mentorship Coaching Program

Real Estate Courses

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I will walk you through and teach you on a weekly basis (over webinar) everything I do:

- Get properties under contract with LITTLE money down;

- Buy Properties WITHOUT having to put Financing on using Agreement For Sale AND Lease Option Techniques (this is where the REAL money is made... very few people know how to do this!);

- Market and BUY FORECLOSURES early in the game BEFORE they are owned by the bank (this is where the REAL money is made!);

- How to FLIP great deals to other investors (or home buyers) QUICKLY with putting very little or NO money into the deal;

- How to find and present to JOINT VENTURE PARTNERS who will fund on deals you bring to the table;

- How to Access HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Dollars through RRSP Mortgages;

- Extensive training on Management and Landlording;

- Deal Analysis ... there are many ways to bring a deal to the table; I will teach you how to keep your mind open to MANY possibilities!


I don't just teach... EVERY WEEK I move you forward into the next step, give you a little homework, guiding you and training you to do what needs to be done in order to make a GREAT INCOME in this business!  Each week you will take BIGGER steps towards making a great income!  You can do this whether or not you are working.  My students that are working full time listen to the recording each week and then send me their questions, so you are able to do the training on your own time!


This is very PERSONAL, VERY SPECIFIC TRAINING!  I ONLY teach you what I DO and EXACTLY what you need to know!  I even give you ALL of my business contacts of people I have worked with for many years that I trust and know they get the job done!  You also become able to access the Secured Student's Section on my web site where you will find ALL the recordings of each week of teaching in case you are not able to make a class or want to review.  You will also have access to all my contracts and documents.


This program is held for 1.5 hours per week over a 4 month period.


The price is now $6,995 plus GST.  I only take on a small group (maximum of 7 people) per session.  FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY: $4,995 plus GST for the first 5 people who register!  PAY ONLY $1,000 down to reserve your spot , then the balance before the program starts .... or ask about our payment plan (also you can pay on PayPal so that you can use a credit card).

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