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REIN Three day workshop

“The Rules of Real Estate Investing in Canada Changed Dramatically On February 16, 2010 ...These Changes Will Create Winners & Losers.” “Interest Rates About To Jump... Housing Bubble Fears... More Manufacturing Layoffs... And Now They Change The Mortgage Financing Rules. How Can An Investor Ever Win? The Truth Is: A Select Group Of Informed Investors Are Smiling and Excited About All Of This Turmoil... While The Majority Huddle In Fear Confused By All The Mixed Signals Discover How YOU Can Be Smiling (and Profiting From) All Of This Turmoil From Canada’s Most Trusted Source of Unbiased Real Estate And Economic Research Dear Inner Circle Client, “All right… enough with the “Crystal Ball Predictions”, Just Tell Me How I Can Win.” That’s what thousands of Canadians are asking for right now, especially after Jim Flaherty announced the changes in investor mortgage rules on Feb 16, 2010. Most average Canadians work their whole lives striving for, and dreaming of financial security, in fact it has become a national obsession (and rightly so). However, at the same time, there is only a small number of Canadians who know exactly what steps to take when market conditions change as rapidly as they are today. Confusion and turmoil often leave investors guessing and hoping, and that is no way to build a strong financial foundation. How do we know? Simply look at the literally millions of Canadians who are right now frozen in fear because of the shifts in the economy. There have been announcements of the recession ending, but still unemployment continues to grow. Real estate markets are at record volumes, yet prices aren’t spiking in most regions. There is talk of a national real estate bubble... but in reality it is only forming in a few select markets. Good news, followed by bad news, followed by more good news. Most people (even the experts) don’t know exactly what’s happening or, more importantly, what’s coming next. This roller coaster ride, but understanding the hidden benefits of the new rules, continues to make some people a lot of money… while others sit around dreaming and waiting for a clear financial lighthouse pointing the way. No wonder most investors don’t know what to do next. That’s why I am sending you this note and invitation. Perspective is critical. For over 18 years, we’ve been providing insights and action steps to beginning and veteran investors, REITs, large and small companies, as well as the national media. Perspective that has provided average Canadians, with average incomes, the confidence to intelligently and non-emotionally purchase over $3 Billion of positive cash flow property. We don’t sell real estate and we don’t do real estate deals with our clients… our job is to simply empower you with Real knowledge, research and strategies that eliminate chaos and confusion to allow you to quietly amass whatever level of wealth you want to achieve. In other words, investing with confidence based on reality: not hype, not fear, not greed… For example, while many Canadians remained frozen in FEAR in the economic down turns of 1987 and 2000, hearing only the doom and gloom, some ‘now wealthy Canadians’ kept perspective and continued to stay the course, often doing the opposite of the masses by staying informed, receiving guidance, and finding opportunities to create extra cash flow rather than be at the effect of everyone else’s opinion. Economic Turmoil…. Economies and markets (both real estate and stock) have always been cyclical. They are strong and then they’re weak…one day it seems all sunny and rosy and everything is growing and then suddenly it’s dark and stormy and everything appears to stop… and then the cycle repeats itself. “W” The letter ‘W’ provides the exact visual illustration of how a Perfectly Normal Economy works, it goes up and then comes down and then the pattern repeats itself. When it’s at the top, life feels good and many think that good times last forever. Then when it slides to the inevitable bottom… those same people without perspective think that the bad times will last forever. These highs and lows – and the emotions that surround them are even more pronounced now with access to 24 hour internet (filled with emotional opinions), 24 hour news channels (filled with emotional opinions)... it can be difficult to tune it out and get to what’s real! Emotions drive the average and below-average investor and that is why you see so many people living their lives in financial fear. Perhaps, even right about now, you’ve heard people asking, “Where are Canadian Real Estate prices headed?” “Will MY home value drop again?” “Where will house prices recover quickest, and where will prices remain flat…or worse, continue to drop?” I think you can see one key emotion in these questions – FEAR. Perspective eliminates fear, and provides confidence… and now, more than ever, economic confidence will be the difference between winning and losing in 2010 to 2014. Some So-Called Experts Are Being TOO Optimistic… While Others Are TOO Pessimistic. What some people want is for you to keep asking yourself those boom or bust questions every day. There are people who prey upon those living in the fear of the ‘boom-bust’ question – they negatively affect investors from coast to coast and keep them confused and in the dark for their own reasons. Well I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of that manipulation, tired of the misinformation. It’s time to ‘peel the onion,’ get to the heart of the matter and show you exactly how to know how to use perspective to position yourself to win in any and all market conditions Let’s be real. 2010 is not a year to just let life happen TO you, instead this is the time to seek opportunities to take charge of your financial future and to make life happen FOR you. Many lessons were learned during the downturn, and those lessons need not be repeated again.. As things continue to unfold in 2010 and beyond, you will see informed and educated real estate investors using their knowledge and insights to capitalize on opportunities in very specific cities and neighborhoods across the country (and avoid other areas). They know that like every single other recession in Canada’s or North America’s history…such as 1987 and 2000, this down-turn too, will end no matter how many rule changes the government puts into place. The exciting news for you is that now, just by reading this, your perspective has begun to change. Maybe just a small bit or maybe a full 180 degrees. And on March 13th and 14th the latest research and action steps will be released so you will know exactly how to make today’s market condition work in your favour. …History Definitely Repeats Itself When it comes to economic storms the informed and educated certainly know the quote “history repeats itself” to be true. The Key is “Gaining and Keeping Perspective to unlock the doors of opportunity that “stormy weather” brings.” Let’s begin with…The 1980’s Early 1980’s: The previous longest recession in (Canada's) post-Depression era, they said of the 1980-84 downturns, which saw a 5% year-over-year drop in GDP between 1982 and 1983. Black Monday 1987- Stock Market Crashes Still, during that downturn, people made a ton of money by taking swift and well calculated action in the property market during these downturns… despite many saying it was the end of the economic world as we knew it. We always hear how Western Canadians lost their shirts in property and stocks in the 1980’s… that was true for some. But what you don’t hear is of the many who created more wealth during that same period that they never had to work again… Always keep perspective. Then… The 1990’s: Interest rates in Canada hit 14% in 1989, Canada's unemployment rate topped 10% in 1991 and 1992, and GDP dropped by 2.13% in a single year between 1990 and 1991 The recession hit hard and those who panicked sold at the exact wrong time, then hid behind the fearful headlines and the ‘chicken littles’, saying that it was the end of the economic world (once again). Those of us who dug a little deeper found the doors of opportunity to open and quietly sat back smiling. Then… The 2000’s Hit (the height of the “W”): We were told that the world’s economic structure would collapse at the turn of the new millennium. Normally rational people took a lot of irrational actions. The Stock market collapsed (once again), terrorists attacked New York on September 11th (market collapsed again). This was a very tough time emotionally for many investors, yet after each of these ‘world ending’ events, people WHO KEPT PERSPECTIVE came out ahead financially (many, WAY out ahead). Then…2009- Global Recession and Financial Crisis I trust you’re starting to see that the pattern that emerges EVERY single time is once again repeating itself. The great news is, we have been assisting people in finding the hidden doors of opportunity during tumultuous times for over 18 years, and this time YOU are invited to be one of those who we hand the keys to. Picture where you might be today if you only had had the perspective, or a beacon to follow, during the last downturns. Well, no use living in the past, we are still in early 2010 in the midst of economic uncertainty – and it is your turn to gain today’s perspective so you too can look back, not in regret, but with a knowing smile on your face. We will hand you that knowledge at the: Authentic Canadian Real Estate (ACRE™) Program – Live With Canada’s #1 Best Selling Author, Investor & Researcher Don R. Campbell

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Buy . hold and rent is one of many strategies. I expected more creative strategies.
decently good for beginners
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REIN ACRE 3 Day Workshop
I have been a REIN member for a few months now and I attended the July ACRE event in BC as part of my membership. This seminar is a must attend first for any real estate investor in Canada. I've attended Rich Dad / Poor Dad, Russ Whitney, Canadian Wealth Builders, Ozzie Jurock and every other US Based Seminar speaker who comes into town and none of them even come close to the professionalism and the value provided by REIN.

If you are a beginner attend this seminar FIRST, it will save you from wasting thousands of dollars on
$4000 - $5000 courses that teach you one or two things that may or may not work in Canada.

Their research is exceptional and unbiased. And 60% of people who attend this event go on to purchase an investment property. That's compared to a 5% success rate with all the other coaching companies.
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REIN Three Day Workshop
REIN also has a monthly membership with monthly meetings hosted in four different cities across Canada. The membership also includes the weekend workshops in any city.
Don Campbell and team are regulars in the media including magazines, papers, reports, and TV Stations across Canada.

Course Review

Good Points
The real value is the level of the training and research that is provided. There is not another Real Estate Educator in Canada or the US that can hold a candle to Don Campbell. REIN provides the fundamentals and information for any beginner to senior Real Estate Investor. There is zero up-selling to buy more courses here.
Bad Points
Not enough time to network with like minded people.
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Yes I'm Active Investor
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