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Alternate Home Acquisitions Inc. is a privately held company. We are a small group of experienced real estate investors. Our fundamental goal is to develop creative financial real estate solutions to help people and create win-win outcomes.

Adine, Ryan, Stephen and Graham help people who don't currently qualify for a mortgage get into a home. Perhaps they don't qualify because their credit score is not quite high enough or perhaps they are self-employed and don't have a sufficient history of income. It may also simply be they don't currently have the full 5% down payment required by CMHC. There are other reasons as well but all of that is OK with us. We can get someone into a home now and work with them over the next two or three years to ensure they qualify for a mortgage and buy the home. The qualifying for the mortgage is very important for us because if you don't - we don't get paid. We are looking for three things; 1. Clients who want to enter our Rent to Own program, 2. Sellers who want to put their properties in our Rent to Own program, 3. Investors who are looking for a return on their money with a two to three year commitment. What are the benefits of buying your home through our Rent to Own program? • You will sign a comprehensive contract which outlines the agreed upon purchase price of your home. • The comfort of knowing the entire process is transparent and agreed upon upfront. • The home will have had a professional inspection (paid for by AHA) so you know exactly the condition of the home when you move in. • Rent and save for your down payment with our substantial equity credits. • No increase in rent during the entire Rent to Own term. We are also always looking for homes to put into our Rent to Own program. If you happen to know someone who is looking for an exit strategy for their home please let us know. What are the benefits selling your property into our Rent to Own program? • Guaranteed income for the entire term of the contract. • The comfort of knowing the entire process is transparent and agreed upon up front in our comprehensive contracts. • You get to be an absentee land lord. We take care of all the details of renting the home and finding the tenant buyer for your property. • You save on the Real Estate and legal fees due to the transaction being private. • It can be structured such that mortgage payout fees are minimized or eliminated.

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