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Canadian Foreclosure Lists Service

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We provide all Statement of claim records. Home owners were just served. We can help them and at the same time make money. Discounted service for Canadareic

Welcome to Canadianforeclosurelists.com, your new foreclosure list specialists and provider in the Calgary and Edmonton region, providing the most up to date and current list of foreclosures in the Calgary and Edmonton region. Canadianforeclosurelists.com will be accumulating this data on a weekly basis and sending out the information to our subscribers. Our compiled list of foreclosures are of the best leads that can be generated for this segment of the real estate market.

With on average 400 new foreclosure filings every month in Calgary and slightly less in Edmonton there are a lot of opportunities in the Calgary and Edmonton markets in regards to investing in the Calgary and Edmonton markets, it’s all about getting to these motivated sellers at the right time to get the best deal before they lose their house to a foreclosure. This creates an opportunity for the investor to get the best deal possible on that property and help the homeowner get out from a possible foreclosure. We have done many deals in our investing history this way and we have some good deal and some great deals! Just be assured to use common sense and compassion when dealing with these motivated sellers as foreclosures here are not like in the US where the bank will take less then what is owing on the property just to get rid of it, and sellers are not always just going to walk away with nothing in their own pocket every time. You can make a lot of money with these deals as long as your approach and timing is right.

Thank you for visiting Canadianforeclosurelists.com and if you have any questions or concerns one of us would be more then happy to speak with you. Visit our contact us page for contact information.


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