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We are looking to grow our team of Dream Supporters and help more deserving families in Canada find a home. Our current team of Mortgage Brokers, Real Estate Agents and Credit Repair Specialists provide a life changing service to our Future Home Owners. Our mission is to inspire 250,000 Canadians onto a path to home ownership who otherwise could not purchase a home without our help.

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Real Estate Agents

Referrals can be tough to come by as a realtor, and becoming a dream supporter delivers them to you on a golden platter. Our clients will always need a realtor, and your collaboration with other mortgage brokers and investors can create future opportunities. Not to mention any current clients you may have who use our service will be directed back to you at the time of purchase. You will earn commission of clients who you would traditionally turn away . The homes may already be selected for you, but the potential to create memories for more Canadians is completely under your control.

Mortgage Brokers

Partner with us, and support the dream of future homeowners by providing your expertise. Each client is verified and credit-checked, just waiting to spend the next 3 years ready to begin a mortgage payment. While paying rent to us, you keep them on track, build relationships and get ready for when they need a mortgage in 3 years

Our monthly updates allow you to really understand the home buyer and what they’re looking for in a mortgage. You can discover their hopes and dreams and find a way to really make them come true. No experience with Lease-to-Owns? Don’t worry – we provide you with the training as apart of our team.

Mortgage Broker
Gredit Agencies

Credit Agencies

Finding clients to joint a credit repair program can be a challenge, unless you have a partner that can feed you the opportunities. Our clientele is ready to repair their credit and start living an average financial life…and they’ll need your help!

Have clients graduating your Credit Repair Program? Are they seeking homeownership? Why not refer them to our service. You earn upfront commission and your client will be in good hands, working toward their homeownership goals.

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